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Literacy & prediction

Do reading abilities influence prediction in spoken language processing and if so, how?

  • Current researchers: Falk Huettig
  • Key publications:
    • Huettig, F., & Brouwer, S. (2015). Delayed anticipatory spoken language processing in adults with dyslexia: Evidence from eye-tracking. Dyslexia21(2), 97-122.
    • Mani, N., & Huettig, F. (2014). Word reading skill predicts anticipation of upcoming spoken language input: A study of children developing proficiency in reading. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology126, 264-279.
    • Mishra, R. K., Singh, N., Pandey, A., & Huettig, F. (2012). Spoken language-mediated anticipatory eye movements are modulated by reading ability: Evidence from Indian low and high literates. Journal of Eye Movement Research, 5(1): 3